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Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Jul 27, 2016
On July 27, 2016 I air an interview with Linda Middlesworth and Dr. Coldwell Esselstyn, who is a big part of the documentary Forks Over Knives.  I put a link to the film above, but it is also streaming on Netflix.  This documentary is very convincing.  The other Doctor in the film is Dr. Colin...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Jul 24, 2016
A Special Sunday Showcase 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm. We're spotlighting; "The Hanlon Brothers", "Bill Hunt", "Matty Rogers" & "Hucker Brown." Who? Never heard of them you say?  Then come along for the ride to listen, and enjoy the sounds from our pick of  musico's  from "Down Under".
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jul 22, 2016
"Things aren't as bad as they seem." Big Thief - Paul Big Thief - Masterpiece Deerhoof - Learning to Apologize Effectively Deerhoof - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire Deerhoof - Criminals of the Dream   Big Thief - MasterpieceBig Thief - Masterpiece - Saddle Creek Records Big Thief...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jul 8, 2016
The Avalanches - Because I’m Me The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra The Julie Ruin - Time Is Up The Julie Ruin - I’m Done The Avalanches - Wildflower - XL Recordings The Avalanches are an Australian electronic music group formed in Melbourne in 1997. They are known for their debut...
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Jul 8, 2016
Right back atcha'. Monday night 10 PM - 12:00 AM Rock'n the airwaves with the sounds of; Taste', A View from Madeline's Couch', Timberwolf, The April Maze, The Rosie Burgess Trio, 1814, The Black Seeds, Herbs, Andy Layfield, Strangely Arousing, LFB, & The Darcy Perry Blues Band. So tune in to ...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jul 7, 2016
The return of Hap Hazard, Friday on KVMR's airwaves from 4 - 6pm! Let's gather around, on, in, over, under the radio, and see what hap-pens! kvmr.org or 89.5 locally. Thus the connection is made...
Wickles's picture
Wickles on Jun 29, 2016
Hello KVMR community, this is Wickles, joining you as a new broadcaster.  I'll be playing loads of groovy stuff and loads of trippy stuff and loads of whatever I think you'll want me to play.  I'm very much at home hiding in the DJ booth of a night club, dive bar, or festival, and I plan on using...
Paul Sanders's picture
Paul Sanders on Jun 27, 2016
Hey, it's Paul Sanders, a new broadcaster from the class of 2016.  Just got certified on June 23rd and although I'll be doing some RedEyes, I'm looking forward to showcasing my two shows, "Rock of Ages" and "New Wave Nation,"  August 6th and 27th respectively.   Rock of Ages will focus on hard rock...
Ralph Henson's picture
Ralph Henson on Jun 26, 2016
David Evans, downhome (read Delta style with a hint of Memphis) blues guitarist, blues author, retired professor of ethnomusicolgy at Memphis University visited Nevada County recently  to collaborate on a new book with local folklorist Marina Bokelman on their blues field recording experiences in...
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Jun 26, 2016
With 591 LIKES on our https://www.facebook.com/rockn.downunder/ page. An audiance is listening.  Music Managers listen up. We're back! Monday night 10-12 midnight. Introducing several new unsigned artists, as well as some well known in the industry. Be sure to tune in to www.kvmr.org as we spin...
Sean Dooley's picture
Sean Dooley on Jun 24, 2016
Due to nostalgic reasons, The New Bleat will changing it's format to an all Pavement music program from here on out. No more medicore new songs, just spinning tunes from one of the only band that proudly touts their Sacramento/Stockton Heritage...Pavement! Tune in today @ 2pm to witness Stephen...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 23, 2016
Like a ninja music warrior, Hap slips through the pre-emptions to arrive alive and well this Friday ON THE RADIO. The family gathers in a haphazard fashion, know that tuning in to kvmr.org from 4 - 6 pm will cause alterations. You may also connect @ 89.5 FM
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Jun 20, 2016
Dear Listeners, On Wednesday, June 22nd during the noon hour I'm interviewing Dr. Richard Oppenlander about the impact of animal agriculture and fishing on global depletion. You can find out more about Dr. Oppenlander here. I'm also interviewing Linda Middelsworth about "Get Healthy Sacramento...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jun 17, 2016
No Woman - Whitney No Matter Where We Go - Whitney The Take - Woods Politics of Free - Woods Whitney - Light Upon the LakeWhitney - Light Upon the Lake - Secretly Canadian Whitney is an American indie-rock band from Chicago, which formed in 2015 and is signed to Secretly Canadian. They...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 13, 2016
A trip to a real, working hardrock gold mine up near Alleghany - The Sixteen to One Mine. Hap Hazard and Larry Hillberg went along with their listeners. Several of radio KVMR supporters were treated to mine manager Michael Miller's guidance and knowledge, as he had offered the tours to raise money...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Jun 11, 2016
Rock'n DownUnder  Tune in to www.kvmr.org this Monday evening. 10-12 am PCT. We'll start our first set with "Back to Culture" & "Freedom" by the Yothi Yindi Band. Skyhooks, Rosie Burgess, Ash Dargan, Ha the Unclear, Archie Roach, Darcy Hay - songwriter, Aly Cook ,Aldous Harding, and more plus...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Jun 10, 2016
Hap is happy to be with you over the radio waves Friday from 4 - 6 pm on kvmr.org and 89.5 fm locally. Next week is another pre-emption, so this Friday is all the more precious. Let's throw everything up in the air, and we'll see how it lands...Together. This video features two ladies with dynamic...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Jun 10, 2016
Go! (feat. Mai Lan) - M83 Laser Gun (feat. Mai Lan) Time Wind (feat. Beck) - M83 Wow (Single) - Beck   M83 - JunkM83 - Junk - Mute Records M83 are a French electronic music band led by Anthony Gonzalez and currently based in Los Angeles. Formed in 2001 in Antibes, France. The band has...
Art Porebski's picture
Art Porebski on Jun 9, 2016
Join me this Saturday, June 11, 12am to 4am for Travel Without Moving. Let me be your guide to new musical spaces never discovered before. Featuring the newest and best of Ambient Dub, Reggae, Jazz, Downtempo, and other genres, performed by world-wide and local artists. Live on KVMR-FM and...
Melissa Ann Seibold's picture
Melissa Ann Seibold on Jun 8, 2016
Auburn Eats!  KVMR Cuisine!   The KVMR Community Radio listening audience resides from Truckee-Tahoe City to West Sacramento with our Heart in Nevada City/Grass Valley and Auburn. KVMR member-supporters and business-supporters also stretch the distances of our airwaves! Our station shines and...


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