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Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Oct 17, 2018
Why have songs about trains become such an iconic centerpiece of American music? Ever since the underground railroad provided a path out of slavery, trains have represented freedom and escape from a harsh life for African American bluesmen and poor white country singers alike.  There is something...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Oct 11, 2018
Every rock music fan knows about Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best selling albums of all time, but few are aware of the origins of the band, co-founded by a couple of architecture students at London Polytechnic Institute. Initially led by their their brilliant but mentally...
Peter Blachley's picture
Peter Blachley on Oct 10, 2018
My next interview will be with "The man who shot the Seventies" Mick Rock. Just in time for the new Freddie Mercury film "Bohemian Rhapsody". Mick will tell us all the stories behind the making of this iconic album and his friendship with Freddie Mercury and the band. Roommates with Syd Barrett...
Theodor Goodman's picture
Theodor Goodman on Oct 4, 2018
Somewhat recently the world lost the legendary female voice of Aretha Franklin. Her passing has inspired a resurgence of some of her greatest hits and led to a jump on the nostagia train taking people through some of the classics of Mowtown and the origins of Funk. But going back through these...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Oct 3, 2018
In a December edition of my Copycats series, I told the tale of a lawsuit for copyright infringement brought by the estate of Randy California (nee Randy Wolfe) against Jimmy Page and Robert Plant based on the opening chords to Stairway to Heaven. You see, Randy, frontman and lead guitarist of the...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Sep 21, 2018
Dawn Eclectica returns on September 26 - will we know the fate of the Supreme Court by then? Who the funk cares? This show will feature a nostalgic return to the 60's - including seldom-played but unforgettable TV themes - as well as some brand new stuff by new and old artists. Michelle Williams...
David Whitehead's picture
David Whitehead on Sep 19, 2018
Hey! This week's Early Morning Ramble with John Adams will include.....ME!  I have just passed my cert, and to my surprise, John has not banned me from his studio.  Entirely.  So I'll come in at 4am - 7am Friday September 21, 2018 for three hours of rambling Americana and Folk and Celtic music, all...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Sep 7, 2018
And right after Diana’s Red Eye show, Dawn Eclectica returns, 4-7 am Wednesday 9/12, massaging your musical libido & stimulating your mind.   Azam Ali treats us to a fusion of Indian and Persian music.  George Carlin riffs about baseball, football and religion.   Sample Paul McCartney’s newest...
Diana Cooley-Filikitonga's picture
Diana Cooley-Filikitonga on Sep 5, 2018
Please join me on September 12 from midnight to 4a.m.  I will be featuring music from some of my favorite guitarists from the 1970's and 80's.  Also, coming up on September 21, I will be playing Big Band music with an emphasis on female vocalists of that era.  I have one more Red Eye radio show...
Melissa Ann Seibold's picture
Melissa Ann Seibold on Aug 27, 2018
Painting the Town Family - Style When it comes to finding variety and quality paints & stains, knowledge and expertise, and glass, windows, mirrors and more, Moule Paint & Glass are known locally as a tried and true resource since 1949. And when you need a painting contractor whose work...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Aug 18, 2018
What do Jimmy Durante, Sandy Denny, Miles Davis, Tim McGraw, Magic Giant, Bonnie Raitt and Jethro Tull all have in common?    Why, they will all be played on my show next Wednesday August 22 from 4-7 am.   I have expertly blended 33 songs for your listening pleasure before I take 3 weeks off to go...
Adriana Kelly on Aug 17, 2018
All the best tickets all IN ONE PLACE, most at DISCOUNT PRICES!! TICKETPALOOZA supports free-speech community radio, live music throughout our region, AND YOU GET GREAT DEALS. Tune in Friday morning August 17th, 7 AM - 11 AM! Check your calendar now, then call in early and often. Don't forget to...
Diana Cooley-Filikitonga's picture
Diana Cooley-Filikitonga on Aug 15, 2018
I am thrilled to have passed my on-air test on August 05.  Many thanks to friend and KVMR broadcaster Iris Bilodeau for suggesting I try the broadcaster training class and for her encouragement along the way.  The first time I walked in the door, I felt at home.  The staff and volunteers that I...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Aug 9, 2018
We live in a land full of magical rivers. The Yuba, the American, the Truckee, the Eel, the Sacramento -- rivers are the lifeblood of Northern California. And rivers have long been the subject of fascination by musicians and songwriters. So why not celebrate the ebbing summer with a mind-blowing...
Kimberly Ewing's picture
Kimberly Ewing on Aug 8, 2018
The journey all began when I spotted KVMR’s Broadcaster’s Training Workshop announcement for two weekend days in April. I happen to be free and I was interested in learning the ropes of radio. I have many musical passions, but I desired expanding my musical palette. So, I signed up and attended the...
Bronx Bob's picture
Bronx Bob on Aug 6, 2018
Comin' atcha' tonight at 10:PM.  Spinning some of the best tracks from Down Under. Getcha' dancing shoes on and get ready to "Get Down! Thats tonight. 10PM till Midnight. Only on KVMR FM
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Aug 3, 2018
When:  Mon. August 6th.  Where:  KVMR  10 to  the Bewitching Hour.  What:  New Zealand and Australian music exclusively.  Why:  Great new-to-your-ears music - there's some truth in that.
Peter Blachley's picture
Peter Blachley on Jul 24, 2018
Join me on a special Red Eye radio, early Friday morning, August 10th where my guest will be legendary photographer and musician Henry Diltz. Henry has photographed over 200 album covers including The Doors, Eagles, CSN, James Taylor and many others. We will talk about Henry's  stories of...
Kiwi Annie's picture
Kiwi Annie on Jul 20, 2018
We love Monday! We love our lineup this week, from the uplifting little instrumentals of Radius to the incredibly powerful voice of Alice Terry, just 24 years old and with a voice they say “sounds like she's had three husbands and killed 'em all!” But the listening pleasure doesn't end there, just...
Steve Artz's picture
Steve Artz on Jul 12, 2018
Hi everybody in KVMR land. I'm Steve Artz and I just got my KVMR broadcaster certification today, 7/12. My show will be called Still Rockin and will be mostly classic rock. I don't intend to play what you hear on the Eagle. Those playlists are all computer generated. I intend to play old quality...


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