Hot Tuna Live in Concert from Center for the Arts


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All New Tracks Monday Night 10 Midnight Only heard here!

Monday ...... 10 - midnight PDT All new music from 2016/17 on the syndicated "Rock'n Downunder Show." Our Kiwis and Aussies have been busy. A couple of new tracks from Rhett May, Dirty River Duo, Amanaska,, the Baldwins, Chitra, a new release,hot off the press from Songs 202, Jeff Lang, Miriam Lieberman, Paul Mack, Papa Pilko & the Binrats Blues Band .. and if that ain't enough ... Paul Cowdery, Teskey Brothers Blues Band, The Safety of Life at Sea, Smoke Stack Rhino. Wanderers Blues Band and remember Russell Morris (Rachel's Coming Home) a couple of goodie newbies from Russell too.


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